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How will you let your light shine today? 


Discover 'Hope Beneath the Tree': A heartwarming must-read that follows two children on a winter journey through an enchanted forest, where the magic of giving comes alive.

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Inspiring the Next Generation of Givers

What if we could encourage the youngest among us to consider how they can extend a helping hand to their neighbors? My own volunteering experiences with an organization that brings holiday joy to kids with incarcerated parents sparked a question in my mind: How can I inspire our children to explore the ways we can collectively brighten the world through small acts of kindness?

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What Parents Are Saying...

"Our family LOVES Christmas and the holiday season, but sometimes our kids get a little too wrapped up in the Santa/opening presents part of the holiday.  We were looking for a book that would help them understand that the season is about so much more than unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning. The message of this beautiful book was perfect, and the kids loved the adventurous story, cute characters, and gorgeous illustrations. Such a perfect book AND a great holiday gift for any family wanting to learn about what it means to truly give!“
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A percentage of the proceeds will go towards supporting, "Hope Beneath the Tree," a local charity providing gifts to children of incarcerated parents. 

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